Resumes can be loaded with information if you know what to look for.  First impressions are very important when you meet someone.  The same is true with resumes.  When you advertise for a Lead Carpenter, you know that this candidate is a "hands -on" person and usually does not have the time to develop above average writing skills.  The resume will usually reflect this. 

However, when you are looking for a Production Manager who will be responsible for leadership and managerial responsibilities the first impression of resume needs to reflect this level of expertise.    If you carefully read the resume content, you will be able to pick the behavioral style of the person.  i.e. if many details of the past are carefully listed it is likely the S and C behaviors are in place but on the other hand if the content is direct with crisp language it likely the D and some I behavior is in place.

The candidate is bound to put their best foot forward so carefully read the content and then be prepared to ask questions that will confirm what their behaviors are and if that is what you need for the position you are advertising for.  Be sure to challenge all the information in a resume and know that referrals are suspect at best. 

Source: John Mathis, Owner/President, Keyline Company, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright protected.