You may be surprised by the amount of money that is wasted when you have a non-performer in your busintss. With businesses feeling the encomich crunch, it is important to be able to recongize thoses who are hard workers, and those who are costing your money. There are many reasons why eliminating the non-perfomers in your business is a smart move.

Here are some reasons why you should not keep the non-performers in your company:

          1. They Provide Bad Customer Service. If you have a non-performer in your business, his or her attitude will show                 to your clientele. The non-performer won't feel impelled to give good customer service; often, he or she doesn't                    want to do anything to help the company. Your clientele doesn't want to deal with any employee who does not                      cater to their  needs, especially when they are buying products from you. As the business owner, you must                          address these issues before your clientele starts turning to your competitors.

           2. They Cost You A Lot Of Money. When a non-performer is not doing his or her job, he or she is costing you                     money and productivity. Plus, you may be missing out on gaining new clientele. It is only when employees                           work hard and get the job done that your business grows, and becomes more competitive. It is your responsibility                 as a leader, manager, owner, etc. to keep productivity high and keep the employees focused on the company goals.

3. They Bring Down Morale. Because the non-performer is not doing his or her work; it often means that someone else has to complete the tasks. This causes frustrations and lowers morale among your employees. A decrease in employee morale can lead to lower productivity, and lower productivity has the potential to create still more non-performers. This vicious cycle needs to be avoided at all costs. If you do not deal with this problem, you risk losing high-performing employees and clientele.

When you eliminate non-performers from the payroll, your business can grow and prosper. Non-performers in your business are a plague to your bottom line. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to get to know your employees, keep them focused, keep them productive, and keep them from becoming non-performers.

Non-performers will only decrease your chances to increase your business revenues. With lost morale, wasted money, and poor customer service, non-performers can really hurt your business if you don't take action.

Build a company of top performers by eliminating the poor performers and keeping everyone goal-orientated.

What gets measured gets done!
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