Personal accountability; the ability to be personally responsible for my words and actions.  Many managers do not like holding their team members accountable. It creates personal stress for both parties but as the adages goes” no pain no gain”. 

The pain could be described as the employee not doing h/her job right or well usually for a long period. The hope of the manager is that the people will or should see the error of their ways and will correct themselves.  However, most of the time it does not seem to be the case. 

By definition, an employee is working for an employer because h/she needs the income they earn from their employment and / or they do not have the means to be self-employed. The position they were hire for has a set of duties and responsibilities that are designed to enhance the overall performance of the company they are working for.  When they accepted the position they agreed they to and were willing to perform the duties of the position to the best of their abilities.

However, there are bound to be misunderstandings, second thoughts and the influence of co-workers.  If this condition is not corrected the production from the position deteriorate when it doesn’t need to. Research shows that employees by their very nature are dependent on their employers to provide them with direction and correction when needed. In short, they want to be held accountable if they are not performing to the standard (s) of the position as defined to them during the hiring process. 

Performance evaluation enhances the performance of the manager and employee by “putting the both of them on the same page”.  When managers focus on JOB performance rather personal interpretations, the stress of holding employees is removed.

Source: John Mathis, Owner/President, Keyline Company, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright protected.