The benchmarking process forces the stakeholders to focus on the real needs of the job. They are asked to develop consensus responses to the following questions which we facilitate: “What is the purpose of the position” “what are the key result areas for the position” “has or is the position changing” “what would happen if the position was not in place.” As the stakeholders answer these questions it raises other questions that helps them to more clearly focus on the real time role of this job.

  • Deeper understanding of the job needs

The gathering of the answers to the above questions pushes people to think more deeply about the job and the role it plays fulfilling the company’s objectives. When these questions are answered, the stakeholders are asked to complete an individual activity using the Talent Management Plus software, which focuses on the job from one more perspective.

  • Opportunity to share their views

When people are asked to be a stakeholder it is an honor because they have the opportunity to present their views and get to hear the views of others which most of the time helps them to be better team players. The President or other top-level manager has agreed that every stakeholder is on a level playing field during the session, which allows people to be open.

  • Opportunity to contribute to the culture

Most stakeholders do not think about the role the culture is playing in their company. They are impacted by it but most of the time they are not aware of it. Benchmarking helps them to value the culture and then respect it.

  • Opportunity to compare their views to other stakeholders

The finished benchmark report combines the scores of each stakeholder into one report. However, there is the opportunity for each stakeholder to see how they scored the 55 factors compared to their peers. It tends to be a short team building session but more importantly, the report reveals the culture that is within the company.  

Debriefing the report generally shows how the most important (highest selected) items reflect the information we gathered in our opening session. Usually they are amazed at how the report reveals the REAL thoughts they had about the job.

Benchmarking allows Superior Performers to be hired.  The Brochure

Source: John Mathis, Owner/President, Keyline Company, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright protected.