The JOB's needs are key to matching people to them. The job description defines the duties and responsibilities of the position but a job benchmark will define the personl talents the job needs for superior performance. The Brochure 

Depending on the benchmarking tool used, you can quickly determine the behaviors, motivators, personal skills and task preferences required for superior performance in the position. The tool we use from Target Training International,LLC makes it easy to remove common biases ofter associated with the hiring process. Instead, factual data based on job performance provide a solid foundation for coaching and hiring success!

Our process is a unique and effective solution because it benchmarks a specific job, not the people in the job. To do this we let the job talk through an interactive process using company stakeholders to assess the real time needs of the position. A stakeholder is a person management beleives has a stake in the company being successful. Those selected for the process have a close working relationship with the position.

See the article The Benefits of Benchmarking.  The Brochure

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