There can be many reasons why this happens to the best of hiring managers. The following suggestions for hiring superior performers are based on the research in the white paper Selecting Superior Performers Safely Under the Law by Bill J. Bonnstetter.

There four keys to superior performance

1. Match people to jobs

2. Identify key accountabilities

3. Listen to what the job is saying

4. Eliminate bias

1.  Each job has its own required skills and set of personal talents. People who have personal these talents produce more for a longer time, with minimal stress for themselves and those they work with.

2.   Key accountabilities determine many aspects of a job:

               Skills (competencies)






3.   All jobs will tell you things when you listen to them. To truly hear a job, listen for what tasks and skills are needed for superior performance, delivered consistently. When you know what constitutes optimal performance for a given job, you will be able to determine whether which candidate or employee is a good match for it.

4.   Eliminate these biases to deliver superior performers




We offer unique solutions to avoid these biases and determine which candidate or employee is a match for any position. We represent a process that measures 55 factors present in all jobs and compares them to personal talents candidates or employees possesses. The result of this process is that 92% of the candidates that were a match for the job they applied for are on the job for 12 months or more.

Source: John Mathis, Owner/President, Keyline Company, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright protected.