The selection of any new employee is an expensive process no matter who does it or what manner is used to complete it. No one really knows the hard cost of a bad hire however, is it widely believed that 3 to 5 times the salary is realistic. 

Hiring new employees must be considered an investment not a cost of doing business.  Both parties, that is - the company and the candidate have much to gain when the right person is selected for a position.  An analysis of what a position needs to contribute to the company’s bottom line i.e. sales, profits, customer service, reduced workload, building morale will determine what the return on investment (ROI) will be for hiring a new employee.

Selecting the right person for a position means that he or she has both the technical skills the job description calls for AND the personal talents needed for those technical skills i.e. knowledge about your industry AND personal talents to work in it.  Technical skills are easily measured, but the personal talents are not.

Talent Management Plus uses a patented process for accurately determining the key accountabilities of a position AND if the candidate is a match for them.  92% of over 129,000 people who determined to be a match for a position have been hire and retained for over two years or more. 

Hiring the right person for the job, increases productivity, lowers stress, and lifts up company morale. A new hire who is not a good match for a position tends to have an adverse effect on those closely associated with him or her. When you hire the best the first time around you have the competitive edge!

There is no reason to hire a POOR PERFORMER!

Source: John Mathis, owner/president Keyline Company, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. Copyright protected