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Hire People Who Will Succeed in The Position

Hiring a superior performer is not a matter of luck. Rather developing a plan for what it will take to hire the right person for the job and your culture will save time, money and have a new employee who will "hit the floor running"

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Critical Information before the interview

To save time and money in the selection process it is critical to have accurate information about the personal talents candidates have compared to the needs of the position BEFORE you talk with them. It is also critical to have information about why candidates are applying for the position, what they feel they will contribute to the position, what they do when not working and other questions you feel are important to you and your company.

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Two expectations from an interview

The hiring manager and the candidate have different expectations (needs) for the outcome of an interview. The “seller” in this scenario is the hiring manager, the “buyer” is the candidate. Both have needs but hiring manager has the greatest risk if a mistake is made. The key is for the hiring manage to be inquisitive about the candidates needs before selling the position.

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The value of benchmarked interview questions

Benchmarking a position produces job focused interview questions that hiring managers need to use to keep the interview focused on the needs of the position. Candidates like to talk about why they are a good fit for the position. Focused job related questions gives them a chance to prove they are a good fit.

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The Art of Interviewing

It is common for managers to have difficulty shifting from growing a business to interviewing a candidate. Most managers consider interviewing to be a challenge. However, interviewing candidates can be a fun to do when accurate and complete information is in place at the start. In fact, an interviewer and a salesperson have a common need. Both need to focus on the needs of the person first – they to ask focused questions about their desires and needs.

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