Motivational behaviors motivate people to do what they do because they receive emotional rewards from them.  A dominate (D) person is emotionally rewarded for taking risks; a cautious (S/C) person is rewarded for NOT taking risks.  Neither behavior is right nor wrong EXCEPT if they are not needed in a personal or professional relationship situationally.

Effective communication is essential to team building and teamwork is essential for any company to grow. Hire a person who is not a good fit for the team and the entire time shuts down.

Behavioral style is broadcasted by each of us.   People have either an intense or a non-intense behavioral stile (DISC).  Intense behaviors produce urgency within people.  The D style has urgency for results, risks, being in control; the I style for influencing others, being with others, encouraging others; the S style for have system and order, avoiding sudden changes, personal stress; The C style for process, accuracy, holding others accountable.  Those people who do not have urgency likely possess a number (2 to 3) of the styles they can use anytime but not with urgency.

Listen for the urgency or its absences team member use and respond accordingly.  Respond directly to urgency and be more personal to low levels of urgency.  When you do this you will meet the needs of the other person for the moment.

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