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Welcome to Keyline Company, Inc.

Keyline Company, Inc. has helped successful companies hire, develop and retain superior performers for over 40 years. Founder John Mathis' extensive experience and innovative approach provide the necessary insight to truly find the "best of the best" when hiring new employees. His passion and dedication for finding the right candidate for the job is a driving force behind Keyline's 92% success rate in productive, long-term hires for his clients from the thousands of applications they have received and evaluated.

Hiring new employees is a difficult and time consuming job, especially when seeking top talent amid a sea of resumes. Keyline's patented job benchmarking process identifies candidates that match the key accountabilities established for the open position. Keyline analyzes several factors; from the fundamentals of the job requirements to the more difficult to identify details of company culture and how they all relate to a candidate's skills, mindsets, behaviors and emotional intelligence.

The critical information revealed in this process significantly increases the efficiencies of the hiring process. Candidate interviews are conducted with only those individuals that are the strongest match for the position and present the best opportunities for success for the individual and the company. "Gut feelings" are removed and replaced with job focused. Interviews now compliment the process and no longer serve as the investigative step in evaluating the appropriateness of the candidate for the position.

Target Training International chairman, Bill Bonnstetter recently noted, "I've know John for over 30 years, and he has proven over and over again his expertise in selection. His experience in diagnosing key issues relating to superior performance has helped many organizations hire and retain top talent. His exemplary professionalism and ethics are apparent in all aspects of his life."

Judy Maganess of The Suit Magazine wrote, "John Mathis was a disrupter long before it was hip. He helps clients see beyond the restrictions of traditional recruiting and hiring practices to find superior performers."

Find the top talent your company needs to excel and grow. Reduce your costs in finding that talent and enhance your company's team with superior performers that contribute to your company's bottom line.

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  • Certified TriMetrix HD (CPHDA) 2012 Re-certified every two years since
  • Certified  Behavioral Analyst (CPBA) 1999
  • Certified Professional Motivators Analyst (CPMA)  1999

Awards and Recognitions:

  • Outstanding Achiever, Bronze and Silver Awards of Excellence
  • Trainer of The Year,1990,
  • Consultant of The Year. 1994,
  • President's Award for Outstanding Contribution to Human Resource Development nine times
  • Chairman's Club in 2000 
  • Certificate of Achievement for DNA™ of Competencies
  • International Faculty of Target Training International since 2004
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 2005 - 25 years of association and contribution to Human Resource Development 
  • Selection Specialist of the Year in 2010